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Connecting with Wellness



Reiki 1 - $75 2 hrs

Blue Bodhi

A 2 hour condensed class taught by The Blue Bodhi, one of a handful of Reiki Grandmasters in Oklahoma, will give you everything you need as well as the attunements to be certified in Usui Reiki 1. You will receive a handbook, instruction on hand placement, your attunement for Reiki 1 and a certification. The Blue Bodhi is certified in 7 schools of reiki and has been practicing since 2014, she has taught hundreds of students all over the US.


Colors of the Soul: Auras - $35 1.5 hrs

Blue Bodhi

Aura expert The Blue Bodhi will walk you through each of the 7 layers of the aura and what they mean. Underneath the body's natural electromagnetic field that anyone can train themself to see, there are 7 other layers of a person's aura. One of only 6 people in the US who can read these types of auras, she has traveled all over the US and has a large portfolio of celebrity clients. 


Near Death Experience 101 - $30 1 hr

Blue Bodhi

Learn from NDE survivor, The Blue Bodhi, on what happened to her after dying and how what she saw both times changed her life. She will take you through multiple accounts from NDE survivors that will allow you to see that there is something there after we leave this plane of existence.


Past Lives 101 - $25 1hr

Blue Bodhi

1 hour course on past lives, soul tribes, karmic bonds and why past lives are important to us now and to our souls in moving on. Taught by The Blue Bodhi, a past life specialist, you will learn why past lives creep into our current life and why you need to learn which issues are still affecting your soul.


Chakra Balancing/Spirit Guide Connecting - $12 1hr

Tracy Neeley

Step by step guidance learning what a chakra is and how to balance or open them. After that, you will learn how to connect to your spirit guides and angels. Think of a question, such as "What is my life purpose?", that you would like them to answer for you and bring it with you. 


Couples Massage 101 - $40 per couple 1.5 hrs
Emily Brou

Want to learn how to give your partner a basic massage? Join us to learn 3 techniques that you and your partner (or friend!) can use to build connection and help each other relax and de-stress.

Fully Inspired Breathwork + Nidra: A Meditative Experience - $15 1.5 hrs

Be Love Yoga

Inspirare (Latin verb): to breath into; to fill with vitality. When we breathe, we’re doing more than just exchanging gases and air particles. We’re experiencing life in the moment and inspiring our own spirit with the vital energy of life. In this 90 minute experience you’ll be guided through a sequence of breath progressions, woven together by traditional and modern breath techniques and visual concentration work. Breathwork is followed by a meditative Nidra focused on taking our heightened awareness of Prana and channeling it through the physiological and subtle systems of the body. The use of Mudras (seals or locks) and Mantra will further enhance the inward attention of energy as you gradually explore the vast space of your infinite being. No Breathwork experience is needed. All are welcome*.



Wim Hof Method Breathwork + Ice Bath - $20 1.5 hr

Be Love Yoga

Looking to get out of your comfort zone? Join Hailey from Be Love Yoga Studio for an expansive experience of breathwork and ice bath. We will start with 20-30 minutes of preparation for the ice. This will include a discussion for all you need to know about the breath and the ice bath before we dive in. The breath is designed to prepare us mentally and physically to get into the ice and can be a powerful, spiritual experience in it's own way. We will then get into the ice one at a time and hold space for each person to have their experience. Each person can stay in the ice anywhere from a quick dip all the way to 2 minutes. Potential benefits of ice bath include: 

1.) Decrease joint and muscular pain

2.) Better Sleep

3.) Decreases Inflammation

4.) Improve alertness and energy

5.) Enhanced ability to control breath during times of stress

Couples (Tantric) Reflexology Workshop - $25 per couple 1 hr

Gypsy Jen Moran


Glo Yoga at Trippy Hollow - Saturday 10pm $25

Be Love Yoga

Bring your own mat


Sunrise Elevated Yoga Poolside- Saturday 830am $15

Be Love Yoga

Bring your own mat


Easy like Sunday Morning Poolside-Sunday 830am $15

Be Love Yoga

Bring your own mat

Elevated Mobility and Meditation -$5 45 minutes

Christian Stark

A series of deep stretching and guided meditation

Macrame Plant Hanger - $50 1 hr

Daydreamer by Candi

Guided instruction to create your own plant hanger


Macrame Wall Hanging - $50 1 hr

Daydreamer by Candi

Guided instruction to create your own wall hanging


Mushrooms as Medicine – FREE 1 hr

Amber Hallum

Make your Body Bloom with Blossom Canna! Join the owners of H&H Processing, Blossom Canna, and Orion Cannabis Tablets to learn about the healing properties of mushrooms combined with RSO. Brian and Amber Hallum will teach you about Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Agaricus Blazei and Chaga mushrooms and how they can elevate your health.  They will also discuss the benefits of medicating with RSO, and why you should eat your cannabis in addition to, or instead of smoking it.


Cannabis-Infused Mixology -FREE 45 minutes

Lila Moreno of Mimosa Creek Mixology

Come and learn creative ways to produce the complex flavors and nuances of a cocktail without the use of alcohol! Mimosa Creek Mixology uses fresh juices, fruits and herbs, along with Cannabis-Infused ingredients. Lila will teach you how to infuse beverages to create delicious and healthy Canna-Cocktails at home.


45 Days to Save Your Life - FREE 1 hr

Jennifer Hawkins of Hawkeye Consulting Services LLC

Nutrition + Plant Based Therapies, including Jennifer’s personal journey to health and healing with nutrition and plant-based therapies.


Slow Your Roll: A Guide to Edible Dosing - FREE 1 hr

Jennifer Thomas of 420Farmacy LLC

Information on dosing and delivery methods with helpful hints to overcome too much THC.


HF Wellness Workshop Classes Schedule & Registration

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HF Wellness Workshop 

Meet your Instructors

Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer is the founder and CEO of Hawkeye Consulting Services LLC, a Christian cannabis company and winner of the 2021 Favorite Patient Services Company at Green Grow Fest 2021. Jennifer’s background is in geriatric nutrition AND institutional nutrition programming with a specialized study in food and drug interactions. She has expertise in the areas of Autoimmune Protocol Gut Health and Plant Based Therapies. She loves educating patients about diet and all plant therapies to achieve overall health and healing that begins IN the gut. Hawkeye Consulting specialized in Patient Services such as medical card services, patient education, aftercare and patient care consulting. Also, they just launched a new Hawkeye Health product line: a high-grade line of CBD & other Plant Based Bioceuticals.



Amber Hallum

Amber and Brian Hallum, started Higher Health dispensary and H&H Processing in 2018.  Amber was born and raised in Weatherford, Oklahoma and graduated from the University of Oklahoma.  Brian and Amber participated in the cannabis industry in California and in Colorado before returning home to Oklahoma in 2015.  Amber was looking for a way to improve the health of her family members when she discovered the magical power of mushrooms.  She found that mushrooms, like cannabis, had several varieties and medicinal purposes.  She created Blossom Canna, an Oklahoma-exclusive brand, to combine the power of mushrooms and cannabis.  Blossom Canna offers vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free capsules that contain FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil, or RSO) and five varieties of mushrooms.  Brian and Amber also produce Orion Cannabis brands, which include Orion Cannabis Tablets and a full line of FECO edibles.

Christian Stark

 A Certified Personal Trainer, group fitness instructor, and Level 3 Certified Cannacian. She specializes in serving individuals with disabilities, obesity, and mental wellness. Christian also teaches her clients how to utilize plant medicine, intentional movement, and nutrition to reach overall wellness.


Emily Brou

Emily is a massage therapist and owner of Intuitive Massage in Oklahoma City. She loves teaching couples how to communicate their touch needs, and how to be more present yet playful with each other while giving and receiving massage. Emily’s style is a unique blend of Swedish massage, deep tissue, energy work, and intuition. She studied massage in her hometown of Edmond, OK and at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA.

Insta: Intuitivemassageokc


Tracy Neeley

Tracy is an Ordained Minister, Reiki Master, Past Life Regression Therapist and Angel Certified Practitioner through Charles Virtue and Tina Marie Daly.

She can interpret dreams, connect to past loved ones, teach, and guide you spiritually to help improve your life and manifest your dreams and desires.

Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer is a (R) (CT) the owner and dispensary director of 420Farmacy in Elk City, Oklahoma.


Ready to Register?

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Friday September 10


10am Elevated Mobility & Meditation (45 Min)


11am Endocannabinoid System


12pm Intro to Home Growing


1pm 45 Days to Save your Life (1 hr)


2pm Couples Massage (1.5 hr)


4pm Slow Your Roll: A Guide to Edible Dosing (1 hr)


5pm Reiki (2 hr)


7pm Colors of the Soul: Auras (2 hr)




 Saturday September 11


9am Cannabis-Infused Mixology (45 Min)


10am Macrame Wall Creation (1 hr)


11am Macrame Plant Hanger (1 hr)


12pm Fully Inspired Breathwork + Nidra:A Meditative Experience (1.5 hr)


130pm Wim Hof Method Breathwork + Ice Bath (1.5 hr)


3pm Mushrooms as Medicine (1 hr)


4:20pm Harvest Fest Cannabis Cup Announcement & Rolling Competition following


630pm Learning the Basics of Concentrates (1 hr)


730pm Chakra Balancing (1 hr)


830pm NDE (1 hr)


930pm Past Lives (1.5 hr)


11pm Couples Tantric Reflexology (1 hr)


Other ways to Connect..