Providing a platform for local artist, musicians, activist along with the cannabis community and the characteristic spirit of a culture as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations of taking care of your neighbor... Join the cannabis community in immersing yourself into the whole old-school camp experience featuring a full roster of recreational camp activities at our 5th annual Harvest Fest 2023!  


Harvest Fest 2021

Harvest Fest 2021

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Bring your RV or camping gear for primitive camping. Or forget packing camping supplies and book our outfitter HOMMA' tent rental!


One of Harvest Fest's most characteristic aspect is our Culture and the Community Camps they create. We had an amazing campground experience at Harvest Fest 2021 and looking forward to the gathering & creativity in 2022.  Want to have a Themed Community Camp and express your group’s personality? Become a camp leader for Harvest Fest 2022! Prizes will be awarded and lemme tell ya...they are legit!